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May 1, 2013
by Scott S. Floyd, M.Ed.

Dare to Imagine

This video makes some very salient points about abundance and its effect on creativity and imagination. It also drives home the point that doing the same thing you’ve always done won’t move things forward. It might make you feel safe and comfortable, but it will not make the world a better place. It will not change your learning environment into the inquiry driven model students need for engagement.


August 16, 2012
by Scott S. Floyd, M.Ed.

Rethinking Homework

Our kids are busier than ever. Personal issues are demanding more time of them as they help to raise siblings, bring in extra salary, or even just find time to relax. School activities take hours of time after school and on weekends. In the midst of all of this, where does growing up fit in? Where does being a kid find its space? Consider this:

Now, how can we utilize the PBL training we received and turn the classroom into a space driven by inquiry instead of a space to grade homework and listen to lectures? How can we engage and leverage a student’s natural curiosity for learning to gain more out of our class time and taking away less of their family time?

May 29, 2012
by Scott S. Floyd, M.Ed.

Teachers as Learners

Joseph Conroy from the National Writing Project at Rutgers University created a video to showcase his learning at the EduCon event held in Philadelphia each January. His video was intended for his colleagues who did not get to attend the event, but as with the globally connected world we live in, it spread far and wide. While the longer video can be seen at the link above, I took the following clip from it as it pertains directly to the sole intent of our Professional Learning Communities here in White Oak ISD: lifelong learning.

If you want to be challenged in your thinking about education, follow the educator being interviewed on Twitter. Zac Chase.


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