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February 27, 2013
by Mrs. Peery

Copyright or Wrong?

At what point does something become copyright protected? What happens if someone uses an image, video or music clip they did not create without the creator’s permission?   This PLC presentation covered copyright law, fair use doctrine, and creative commons along with ideas of how to allow teacher and student creativity to flourish in the midst of all the confusion.  To access the presentation, go to and click on Staff Training and PD, then Copyright or Wrong?  You can log in with the username woteacher and password woteacher.

February 19, 2013
by Scott S. Floyd, M.Ed.
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PLC Day Three

Professional Learning Collaboratives
Day 3 ~Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Welcome to the third PLC Day for the 2012-2013 school year. We continue to be excited about the opportunities that are before us as we build a collaborative culture and work with colleagues as connected learners.

The registration for Day 3 will be online and opens today at noon, February 19, 2013. You have five session choices to choose from. Select the session you are most interested in and each session is limited to 25 participants. Remember, that some of the sessions offered on Day 3 will be repeated again on Day 4.

Session choices for Wednesday, February 27:

CopyRight or Wrong? – 

Have you ever wondered when, or if, it was acceptable to use an image, a sound bite, a video clip, or even an excerpt? “When” and “What” kinds of multimedia are Copyrighted? We will take a look at the laws and doctrines governing Copyright.  Attendees will learn where to look for Free Use images and how to search for other image sources. We will also show how to create customized blog headers, backgrounds, images, etc. for personal use without violating copyright laws.  (Rm 223, Science Lab, Intermediate)

The Four Big Questions –

How do we move forward in this rigorous world and meet all the needs of our students?  How do you plan for students that are struggling, while planning for those that excel academically?  How can we build on what students learned last year, while preparing them for the next year?  How do we know that we are assessing our students to the level they need to be assessed?  Come join us as we walk through the 4 BIG questions that can drive your team planning while answering all of the questions that are running through your head.  If attending please make sure to bring a copy of your TEKS. (Cafeteria, Intermediate)

They Gave Me An iPad… Now What? –

Is your iPad an expensive device for checking attendance and email? Let’s change that.  Find out how this amazing tool can revolutionize your classroom and move you forward into future ready learning and transform instruction. (Plato Lab, High School)

ePortfolios:  Educating Students to Infinity and Beyond –

Generate an eportfolio by using student blogs.  Learn how to set categories for subjects, reflect on learning with blogs, publish work, embed PDF files and more.  Let’s share ideas and learn from each other how to make the best use of student blogs. (Rm 122, Middle School)

iDevices: Moving Students to Content Creation –

This session will focus on using iDevices to move students from content consumers to content producers. Participants will gain hands-on experience with developing a class social media account for content sharing as well as using various apps to help students create content to extend discussions inside and outside the classroom. Preferred device: Mac laptop, iPad, or other iDevices  (Library, Middle School)

Registration Information:
Registration opens today at noon, February 19, 2013, and closes on Sunday at midnight, February 24, 2013. Sessions are limited to 25 participants each.

Click here to register. Must be logged into your school mail to access the registration.


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